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Submit Your Do You Remember When Photos

Submit your images here as jpeg or png files (lower resolution preferred).
When you submit your photos we'll need your name and any background information you can provide.
This will help us sort and display the photos.


All images received in the portals will be screened for appropriateness of content by Reunion Committee members, prior to their official posting of images on the Website.

Please try to submit your AHS memories (Do You Remember When..?) photos before the end of July - reunion volunteers are working on this and it takes time. Pictures from your collections of AHS memories will be posted on the Website in an ongoing manner, prior to the Reunion Event, and will remain visible afterward.

Photographs from the Reunion Events, themselves, will be solicited and then posted in a brochure format; the envisioned brochure timetable is mid-November 2021. This composite brochure will be available for viewing by Reunion attendees and other classmates who may have been unable to attend the events.