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Arapahoe High School has a unique relationship with the Arapaho tribe.

After complaints about the pejorative depiction of Native Americans, principal Ron Booth sought a direct relationship with the tribe by travelling to the tribe's location in Wyoming for a personal meeting with tribal elders. After an extensive process, the tribe and Chief Anthony Sitting Eagle approved a relationship between the school and the tribe, establishing relationship methodology through a specific declaration.[20]

The original logo of Arapahoe High School more closely depicted a Pawnee Indian. On September 17, 1993 the Arapaho Nation and Arapahoe High School held the Arapahoe Warrior Assembly. This assembly dedicated the school's new, and current, Warrior mascot, created by Northern Arapaho artist, Wilbur Antelope.

Since then, the Northern Arapaho tribe has endorsed the name of the high school (as spelled with an "e" at the end) and its use of the current warrior mascot, provided by the tribe. The large gym was refinished and renamed the Sitting Eagle Gymnasium (this is now the Main gym) on December 9, 1993.

According to the original agreement made by the school, the mascot is not to be put on the floor (where one could walk on it) or on any article of clothing.[20] However, whether through subsequent agreement or disregard on the part of the school, the mascot can be found on a wide variety of clothing. However, it is not found on any football uniform (where it may be rubbed into the ground), and the school does not portray a Native American Warrior at any sporting event.

Tribal members visit the school for important events, speaking every year at graduation, and every two years a larger group will visit the school to perform various traditional dances and speak about Native American culture.

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